Friday, March 5, 2010

New Primary Website ! !

Our new Primary Web Site:

We are marketing a SUPERIOR LIFESTYLE enabling you to have more Cash, Comfort and Convenience while Caring for Our Environment !

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New ICF Configuration Announced:

An Asymmetrical ICF Wall Panel configuration has been identified in a Report by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Polish National Academy of Sciences, which is creditied as being 246% more Energy Efficient than standard well built wood stud/wall construction. Two identical homes were built, one with wood stud/walls and one with an industry standard ICF configuration. Additional configurations were also tested. Industry Standard ICF testing and performace was the main intention of the report and that achieved "only" 156% better performance. When we learned of the superior performance of the Asymmetrical ICF configuration at 246%, we decided to offer that configuration to builders and the public.

The first event where we displayed the new Asymmetrical ICF panel was at the Phoenix "Build it Green" Exposition March 21st and 22nd. We often had eight or more people listening as we summarized the DBMS report information to visitors at our booth.

Then, the following weekend we had our booth in the Electric Auto Association Exposition in Phoenix.

We garnered a great deal of attention at both shows, we collected the e-mail addresses of over 40 interested parties! We have an appointment this Saturday Mar. 28th with a new client who wants to build a new custom true Positive Energy home in Phoenix! Call us Now 480-516-6487 if you'd like more information or if you want to join with us, as we are looking for Builder associates, Developers, Investors and License Partners in the Isomax-Terrasol Zero Energy technology!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Current Project in Work

The Eyermann Design Studio - Isomax wall panel system portion of the below photographed project has been recently completed in 2008. These photos depict the stages and process of the construction.

Click on the below photos to view a larger image.

These are photos from a current project under construction for a client near the picturesque Superstition Mountains in Arizona. We have completed our portion of the project. This is a three room addition onto an existing home. This client has a new Family Room, a new Master Bedroom extension "Retreat" and a new Master Closet. These photos represent the result of the effort primarily by a two man crew. Note the free standing concrete stem walls, in the first photo, which had originally been designed for conventional wood walls. We fabricated our Isomax wall panels with a "skirt" on each side to "saddle" the stem wall. There is a fireplace in the Family Room, so we made "Specialty Panels" with foam for the outer wall and a fireproof cementious sheet product, instead of foam, for the inner wall of our ICF (Insulated Concrete Form). These are just two of the many good examples of the flexibility of the Isomax ICF system. To discover how flexible we can be for your next project, please give us a call ! ! 480-516-6487

Friday, June 27, 2008

New Slide Shows ! ! ! (June 27, 2008)

We've just added three new slide shows of our upcoming Client's projects. One is on the West side of Phoenix another is in Scottsdale, and one is in New Mexico. We anticipate starting on those projects before the end of this year, 2008.
The Scottsdale project is in final design concept acceptance, and our architect will shortly be doing the remaining detail sheets of the drawings.
The West side project is currently in conceptual development.
The New Mexico project just finished initial concept review, and they're very pleased with it‼ Their project is going to the architect now.

Our Technology Demonstrator Display home planned for Superstition Mountain Estates, in Apache Junction is now moving through the finance approval stage.
We're endeavoring to achieve the following milestones:
a) The developers have agreed to our Zero Energy Lifestyle home concept and have agreed to fund 80% of the Project.
b) We are now endeavoring to get the 20% finances in place.
c) We are seeking to fund (initially) the architect's work on the drawings,
d) move on to Structural Engineering review and approval,
e) get the package to the City of Apache Junction ASAP and
f) be ready to break ground shortly thereafter.....
conceivably before the end of 2008 but more likely Q1 2009.

We are moving forward with several clients, and expect contracts for their projects to be finalized within the next few days. As we finalize their concepts and drawings are available, we will post them here. For example, we have a client for whom we are going to built a Music Studio and garage, we have a verbal "YES!", and that's his floor plan at the top of this entry! So please stay tuned for further developments ! ! Thank you, we sincerely appreciate your interest !

Don Eyermann

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Zero Energy Systems Schematic

Here's our basic schematic of how the Zero Energy Lifestyle systems are integrated into our homes. The Technology Demonstrator Display home in the Superstition Mountain Estates subdivision is planned for about a 2009 Q1 time frame ground breaking. That subdivision is in Apache Junction Arizona, and is listed at MLS2905005. We hope to see you when we "get 'er done" !

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Architect has completed the elevations. We are moving forward with this Zero Energy Lifestyle home project, according to plan. We will be breaking ground about August 2008.

We are currently engaged with several clients converting the possibilities of building their energy efficient homes into contracts with down payments. As we finalize these contracts and the site plans and architectural drawings become available, we will post them to this blog for viewing.

Thank you for your interest and visiting our blog. Please visit our website at

This illustration shows the layout and rooms for our Zero Energy Lifestyle display home to be built in the Superstition Mountains Estate subdivision in Apache Junction AZ MLS2905005. The architect is finishing up the plans and the financial arrangements are being finalized. We will soon be moving on to the structural engineering review and approval prior to seeking our build permit.